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Gift My PC

Would you like to help a Young Scholar? Or a Wounded Warrior? Do you ask yourself "Where can I donate my computer or old computer? Gift My PC that's where! Large computer donations and office electronics is what we receive. Is your business plans to upgrade your office electronic equipment. Consider donating your used equipment to, an approved IRS 501c3 non profit (20-5922239) We want the donations to be hassle free. If you have laptops, notebooks, monitors, servers, phone systems, cable, routers, racks and other "computer gear" we would like to have it. We can pick up, usually for free, and issue you a IRS tax receipt for the goods.

Donation Information

Donating computer equipment is easy, we charge nothing and it's tax deductible.

We take donations from:
Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego
San Francisco
New York


Orange County
19782 Mac Arthur Blvd
Irvine CA 92612
(949) 466-8857

Minimum Requirements

We are an approved state and federal facility for the proper donation of your computer. For more information regarding electronic recycling Click Here

What are GiftMyPC's minimum requirements?

Pentium IV & Higher CPUs *486 & Pentium No Longer Accepted. Alternative CPUs accepted if they are Pentium IV equivalents or better. Hardware needing repair is considered on a case-by-case basis where repair capabilities are available.

I'm not a corporate donor, can I still help?

Yes! In fact, individual donors like you are what allow us to help so many people all over the country. provides tax deductions based on the fair market value for items donated by individuals as well as large companies. Shipping costs are also tax deductible under applicable rules and regulations.

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We are actively striving to better our community and to protect our future stake in this country by working with organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the Boys & Girls Club. For additional information, comments or concerns regarding donations or this website log onto:

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